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Magellan is a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company and also known as “Mi TAC” Digital Corporation. Magellan is also proud to offer innovative Mobile GPS solutions including the Road Mate App for GPS devices.

These portable GPS devices are rugged, waterproof and perfect for all types of outdoor adventure activities. Magellan also develops vehicle navigation, crossover GPS, and outdoor navigation products and also produces customized mapping software for topographic, marine, and street navigation.

Magellan GPS units include a variety of different viewing options, including a night view, and pop-up visuals. It might happen you find some error then you must perform Magellan GPS updates and find the new version for a specific location. You can visit our website and get easy steps to resolve update errors in Magellan maps and reach us for effective solutions. You can visit the website and connect with support help center to get the latest map and software updates and gets technical support for all Magellan off-road, automotive navigation and dash cam products.

Process to update Magellan GPS

 GPS devices are only as reliable as the data stored on them, so they should be updated regularly. Magellan GPS units can be updated easily through the use of a free software program available on the website. Some of the Magellan software updates and minor map upgrades can be obtained for free, but at some time the map updates must be purchased.

Through following steps you can easily update Magellan GPS by the two ways

Free Update

  • Change the GPS unit completely, download and install Content Manager from the Magellan website.
  • Launch Content Manager and log in using your account information. If you don’t have a Magellan account, visit the main page of the website, and create an account and follow the directions on the screen.
  • Connect the GPS unit to a computer with a USB cable and then the unit should turn on automatically.
  • Now download and install all available updates onto the GPS. When the installation is complete, you will be impelled to disconnect the device.
  • Now, wait for the update to download and install before disconnecting the GPS.

Paid Updates

  • Click on the “Maps” tab of the main page of the Magellan website.
  • Choose the GPS model from the drop-down menu and select a map upgrade and follow the directions on the screen to complete the purchase.
  • Launch Content Manager and connect the GPS unit to the computer with the USB cable
  • Right-click on the “Content Manager Icon” and select sync purchase content. Wait for the GPS to restart automatically and update to download and install.

While updating a Magellan GPS, a few common mistakes can lead to data errors. Do not shut down your computer or detach your Magellan GPS device. So, these are some of the steps that would help the users in the process to update Magellan GPS.  All the steps are very unique and they also offer complete solutions for the process and the users can follow each and every step.

Many times, when your GPS device has not worked properly and shows error, the cause is clearly shown on the device. By following the steps provided you will not only be facilitated by the activation of the Magellan GPS but it would solve the problem. There are sometimes when a user might face the technical issue and such times the user might not be able to utilize all the features. By visiting our website, you can get all the solutions for the process and you would also find some information about the device. At sometimes when you need a supplementary map, for example, if you are planning a trip to South America and you could load country-specific maps onto your GPS device to help navigate while you’re traveling. For additional information and for further troubleshooting, go to our website.

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